Results of Transitional / Chronic - Population Health Grand-Aides programs

  • The recent paper in the American Journal of Cardiology showed 82% reduction in 30-day readmissions to 2.8%, similar data for Emergency Dept reduction both, also at 6 months (please see graph below), with >$560,000 savings per Grand-Aides per year in this article. Please see graph from this paper and chart below.
  • Grand-Aides are effective in different types of patients  varying from  settings as different as the Cleveland Clinic and the Methodist Hospital in Houston to a randomized trial at Temple in low-income Philadelphia. In a Medicare / Medicaid "dual-eligible"recently published study of 10 states, Grand-Aides were superior in reducing readmissions, ED visits and improving medication adherence, potentially saving 6% of all Medicaid expense.
  • A paper just published shows >90% medication adherence at 1 year in diabetic patients with >75% reduction in hypertension. (
  • The table also shows outstanding results in patients being discharged from Skilled Nursing (SNF) and Rehabilitation facilities.   Grand-Aides is working with a large group to reduce referrals to SNF’s partnering with home health agencies.