Maternal-Infant Care

Grand-Aides meet high-risk pregnant women and their families as soon as possible after the woman learns she is pregnant. After delivery, the Grand-Aide again visits with decreasing frequency over the first 8 weeks. The Maternal-Infant Grand-Aide will then hand-off to a Primary Care Grand-Aide who will provide ongoing connection of the family to the care team. The goals of the maternal-infant Grand-Aide: Reduced complications of pregnancy: Improved adherence with medical regimen (e.g. medication, diet, smoking cessation), Improvement in other issues as possible (working with the supervisor to reinforce drug addiction programs [including alcohol] and referral to appropriate social programs), Reduced ED visits and hospital admissions;

Improved outcomes of pregnancy: Healthier babies (e.g. less fetal alcohol), mothers as well equipped as possible to care for newborns, reduced ED visits and readmissions for infants