Grand-Aides and supervisor requirements


  • Some prior medical training (e.g. Certified Nurse Aide, community health worker) with added Grand-Aides curriculum
  • Grand-Aides can be any age, but have the temperaments and personalities of a good grandparent: wise, being nurturing and caring, able to stay calm with a sick person, experience in caring for others, ability to coach others, generating respect with the patient, family and community; as one of our Grand-Aides recently put it: "TOUGH LOVE." We have graduated a 35-year-old mother of three who is fond of saying, "Been there; done that. I am a Grand-Aide." Hence the name of the program.


  • RN or Nurse Practitioner
  • Experience in managing patients similar to those managed in the Grand-Aides program
  • Experience as a teacher of others (formally or informally)
  • Able to function in an expert capacity, with enthusiasm in:
    • Organizing the program and helping others such as other nurses, physicians and administrators to understand the program; i.e. a true advocate
    • Managing patients
    • Managing Grand-Aides – the Grand-Aides report to the supervisor