What Differentiates the Grand-Aides Program?

  1. The best published results for chronic disease management (e.g. reduction in readmissions and unnecessary emergency department visits both at 30 days and 6 months
  2. Return on Investment highly siginificant.
  3. The “people + technology answer” that adds to armamentarium across continuum of patients – strong relationship with patients and family
    • Some patients do well with an app, and others need a person.
    • Grand-Aides use technology: tablets for data and video

  4. Fits into current workflow with minimal disruption
    • “Extends” 1 supervisor to 5 Grand-Aides
      • Every visit is supervised directly by a nurse on video
      • Inexpensive workforce (US median $12-15 / hour)

5. Supervises implementation

    • With over 5 years of experience in implementation, this becomes a real differentiator; home-grown programs may fail because of insufficient attention to implementation

6. Provides software that integrates into EHR

7. Regular webinars with other similar programs

    • Comparative data, best practices

8. Experience

    • Brings >10 years of experience in manuals, curriculum, as well as what works and what does not
    • Each principal >30 years of clinical experience dedicated to the success of every program