Results of Transitional / Chronic - Population Health Grand-Aides programs

At the University of Virginia, outcomes were recorded for patients with heart failure: 108 with GA and 854 controls.

  • GA patients had 2.8% 30-day all-cause readmissions vs 15.8% in the controls -- and 82% reduction (aOR=0.17; p=0.0060); 6-month all-cause readmissions 13.0% vs 44.7% (aOR=0.19; p<0.0001); Emergency Department 30-days of 2.8% vs 45.1% (aOR=0.03; p<0.0001); ED 6-months 12.0% vs 51.5% (aOR=0.09; p<0.0001); GA mortality within 6 months was 2.8% vs 7.7% (aOR=0.37; p=0.1141).
  • Length of stay decreased from 9.0 to 6.2 days (p<0.0001)
  • At 30 days, 92% of GA patients had “substantial medication adherence.”
  • Net savings per GA was $562,097, a 7X return on investment. This represents the best data in 5 years when compared with other published programs to decrease readmissions. Similar results have been obtained at the Cleveland Clinic, Temple University and Houston Methodist Hospital