How is a Grand-Aide employed?

There are 2 models for employment:

  1. Grand-Aides USA and International do not employ Grand-Aides or supervisors.
    • They may be employed by health plans, clinics, or hospitals, as well as large employers.
      • Grand-Aides may also be employed by home health agencies whose home health aides and home health nurses are trained to be Grand-Aides and Grand-Aides supervisors. In a hybrid model, the supervisors are employed by the hospital and the Grand-Aides are employed by the home health agency
        • The home health agencies may then care for homebound Medicare-certified home health patients as well as patients who are not homebound.
    • Paid at the rate of a CNA
      • Approximately $12 per hour
    • Governments, large employers, and NGO’s around the world train and employ Grand-Aides directly
  2. Grand-Aides USA employs the Grand-aides and Supervisor