Grand-Aide Program Focuses on Patient Empowerment

In a time of medical provider shortages and anticipated rise in demand, the health care community has been searching for ways to bolster its ranks. Arthur Garson Jr., MD, MPH, Director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, is addressing this issue by looking outside the… View article

When the Doctor Is Not Needed

There is already a shortage of doctors in many parts of the United States. The expansion of health care coverage to millions of uninsured Americans under the Affordable Care Act will make that shortage even worse. Expanding medical schools and residency programs could help in the long run.

But a sensible solution to this… View article

A new corps of trained Grand-Aides has the potential to extend reach of primary care and save money


Because the Affordable Care Act will expand health insurance to cover an estimated thirty-two million additional people, new approaches are needed to expand the primary care workforce. One possible solution is Grand-Aides®, who are health care professionals operating under the direct supervision of nurses, and… View article

Grandparents can improve Texas health care? Yes.

A few years ago, a well-known Texas family physician said, "You know, 50 percent of my patients could be taken care of by a good grandmother!" Think about it, grandparents are who their children call for minor illnesses such as colds, fever or sore throats. We told you last month that there was a third idea for addressing… View article

Texas will need 10,000 new physicians over the next 10 years: True or false?

Can you get in to see your doctor now? Whether you answered yes or no, Obamacare is about to add 32 million people with insurance coverage - a good thing, but when the uninsured rate dropped with universal health care in Massachusetts, the wait to see a primary care physician increased from 33 days to 44 days. Add to this… View article

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