Hospital readmissions for the same condition within 30 days likely should not occur, and most often indicate system failure. Readmitted patients are either discharged too early, should be placed into palliative care or hospice, or most often are victims of a failure in transition of care from hospital to home. Most… View article

A home visit program by non-licensed personnel can make a difference in heart failure


The purpose of this observational study is to evaluate the effectiveness of structured home visits by non-licensed healthcare personnel (NLHP) on the patient’s adherence to a medication plan, dietary restrictions, and knowledge about when to seek care. This descriptive, qualitative study evaluates the Grand-Aide… View article

The Grand-Aides® Program in Baotou, Inner Mongolia: A revolutionary health care workforce

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Heart Health At Home Offers Patient Support

The University of Virginia Health System has a new program that's making it easier for patients to get care. With this innovative method, heart failure patients can now get care from the comfort of their home.

Heart Health at Home is a free program for people who have been treated at UVA Health for heart failure. It… View article

Grand-Aides Aim to Reduce Readmissions and Improve Transitions in Care

American Journal of Managed Care | American Journal of Managed Care

Readmissions are one of the many Achilles’ heels of healthcare. Whether it is a failure in communication, problems with medication adherence,… View article

Grand-Aide Program Focuses on Patient Empowerment

In a time of medical provider shortages and anticipated rise in demand, the health care community has been searching for ways to bolster its ranks. Arthur Garson Jr., MD, MPH, Director of the Center for Health Policy at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, is addressing this issue by looking outside the… View article